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We are so excited to be collaborating with best-selling author and all-round sourdough authority Elaine Boddy of foodbod Sourdough…

We got in touch with Elaine as avid followers of her work and as likeminded sourdough enthusiasts. We really like how Elaine through her engaging approach, lifts the mysteries of making sourdough . Her book, ‘Whole Grain Sourdough at Home’ has helped and inspired countless people, providing the simple way to bake artisan bread.

” If you’re interested in sourdough, this is the only book you need. I defy anyone not to produce a decent sourdough using Elaine’s master recipe. Once you’ve done that, Elaine has done all the experimenting so you can get creative with different grains and techniques.” – Orlando Murrin, President, Guild of Food Writers

Elaine Boddy - Whole Grain Sourdough at HomeWe have lots of exciting collaboration projects coming your way, so be sure to follow Elaine and Ecobaker on social media to be first to hear about them.

“I’m very passionate about what I do and I love to work with people who are just as passionate, but who also have a great ethos, working practices, and excellent service. EcoBaker ticks all of those boxes for me. I’m very excited to be working with them to share our love of sourdough and creating a one stop shop for anyone who wants to make sourdough. I love that I can direct people to a single website to find everything they need, and I love to be able to recommend people that I know and trust.” – Elaine Boddy, foodbod Sourdough

As well as stocking items Elaine uses for her own baking, we are also proud to stock foodbod Sourdough products, including her best selling book.

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