Best selling author of ‘Whole Grain Sourdough at Home’, Elaine Boddy, has a new book – The Sourdough Whisperer. We have exclusive signed copies of the book available for next day delivery here in the UK.

“I am so excited to share news of my upcoming book with you, ‘The Sourdough Whisperer’. It is packed full of everything you need to know about how to make sourdough, how to use and manage your starter, how to make, manage and understand your dough, and how NOT to be at the whim of either! You’ll find hints and tips that I haven’t shared anywhere else, you’ll find new timetables, new ideas, lots of step by step photos, PLUS 40 recipes all ready for you to enjoy. I cannot wait to see what you think, I hope you like it.

Elaine xx”

“It is such a pleasure to write about Elaine Boddy’s second cookbook, The Sourdough Whisperer… First of all, I love the title and find it perfect to describe her. In this cookbook, Elaine goes back to basics. You will work with easily accessible flour, and explore all possibilities for bread baking using your home-made starter. Once again, Elaine reaches her goal of simplifying all steps, refusing to follow the rigid path that most cookbooks insist on. Can you bake bread in different shapes? Can you use a starter that has been sitting for days and seems quite dormant? Can you adapt all timings to suit your schedule, no matter how busy and hectic it might be? Thanks to Elaine, the answer to all those questions is a very enthusiastic YES, and as you read her book and follow her recipes you will realize that the key is to keep it all simple.  You won’t have to spend a lot of time calculating hydration levels, you won’t have to deal with sourdough discard,  you won’t have to heat your oven for an hour before baking your bread. All the rigid rules are gone. Thanks to The Sourdough Whisperer, a much more relaxed and pleasant stroll through the bread baking path is waiting for you…”

Sally Newton, home baker and food blogger,

Elaine Boddy

“Elaine has a sourdough superpower… Her knowledge is seemingly inexhaustible and she is so generous in sharing that knowledge. Any book she writes on the subject of sourdough is one to fast-track on to your bookshelf.”

Karen Barnes, Editor, delicious. magazine