Best selling author of ‘Whole Grain Sourdough at Home’ and ‘ The Sourdough Whisperer’, Elaine Boddy, has a third book – Easy Everyday Sourdough Bread. As part of our continued collaboration, EcoBaker, as with previous books, will be getting exclusively signed copies of the books.

Elaine Boddy:

This book is packed full with 60 different recipes showing just how versatile sourdough is, how creative you can be with it, and how easily it can be made. You will find recipes made with my usual simplicity, taking my master recipe to new heights, as well as new versions of it, plus tips and guidance for your sourdough success. 

My hope is that you will be excited and inspired to make lots of the recipes and have fun at the same time! 

Whether you are a new or an existing sourdough baker, these recipes are for you, for making great sourdough every day, or any day.

One of the main aims of this book is to remove one of the key areas that bakers worry about: shaping the dough. The recipes are all designed to produce easy to handle doughs, simple shaping, if any, or to use baking tins to provide support. 

Which leads me onto the other main aim of this book: to use pots and pans that you already own and can be found in most kitchens, showing new ways to use them and to get the most out of what’s in your kitchen cupboards. 

I can’t wait for this book to arrive in lots of kitchens and to see everyone’s amazing bakes, the suspense of waiting for it to come out is killing me! I hope you like it xx

Discover just how easy sourdough bread baking can be with Elaine Boddy’s best and easiest recipes yet! Elaine uses equipment and ingredients readily found in most home kitchens to make bread baking a simple and manageable part of daily life. And with the support of tins and trays, you can skip over the most challenging steps–shaping and scoring–to accomplish perfectly shaped bread every time!

Explore the versatility of a muffin tin as you bake uniform bread rolls for sweet Apple and Cinnamon ‘Roses, ‘ savory Stuffed Pizza Rolls and Falafel Spiced Sourdough Chickpea Bites. Elevate your sandwiches with soft or flavored loaves as you experiment with otherwise difficult-to-handle dough using the natural support structure of loaf tins. Use your cake tins to assist the high rise of beautiful crusty boules bursting with unbeatable flavor.

With simple and straightforward strategies, plus plenty of same-day recipes, this book is the perfect every day bread baking companion for beginners and experimental bread enthusiasts.