About Us

The story behind EcoBaker

Sourdough Bread

Founded by long-time friends Andy Twigg and Phil Barrett, EcoBaker has a focus on selling high quality products that are made to last and deliver consistently great results.

The team source and work with a growing number of quality brands from Chocolate World, Weck, Brotformen24 and Harder and Steenbeck to name a few. The team pride themselves on providing exceptional customer service to represent these brands in their best light.

With over 25 years in the catering industry, Andy can not only cook up a storm but also has a passion for making chocolates in his spare time. (He also happens to be a Master Scuba Diver, a musician and keen amateur dancer, but don’t get him started on these!)

Despite having a very different career in IT project management, Phil has always been a keen home baker but a certain pandemic pushed this towards what family and friends would consider a mild obsession, especially with sourdough. His wife is still wondering why there is an industrial sized bread mixer in the garage.

Through their own experiences (some good, some bad), and search for the very best products to use, Ecobaker was born.

As a team we are always learning, always trying to improve and consciously source the best products we can with a focus on sustainability.